The Karate Kids Program is an extracurricular activity that takes place during the lunch recess in the elementary school’s gymnasium. The 40-minute class combines elements of fitness and character education with basic, non-contract martial arts movements.

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Operating in 6 District School Boards

Our elementary school program ran in over 90 schools across the GTA last year and is offered to students from grades 1 to 5 (grade range at a school depends on the Principal's decision).

The 40-minute, lunch hour recess class is a combination of three components:

1) Non-Contact Martial Arts: authentic movements originating from masters in Japan.
2) Fitness: games and drills that teach fitness techniques while developing fine motor skills and increase levels of strength and endurance.
3) Character Education: lessons in respect, responsibility, integrity, kindness, self-discipline and honesty. The program incorporates the individual initiatives of each School Board into the monthly lesson plans.

Unlike many other sports that may be intimidating for some children or revolve around competition, the Karate Kids Program is a development activity where children can develop skills at their own pace!



In the Karate Kids classroom, learning martial arts is only one part of the overall experience!

We believe that for everything we “say we do,” such as developing confidence and respect, there should be a specific class plan and technique applied to ensure that desired outcome. We feel that the development of each child's self confidence is an essential part of our program and therefore we have incorporated several forms of acknowledgment into the curriculum.  This includes running a Leadership Team that each student has a turn on during the 18-class course. We conduct lessons on determination, mindfullness,  goal setting and respect in the class and award achievement belt stickers to keep students focused and motivated while they work towards their goal of graduation to a higher belt level!


One of our most important goals during each class is to make certain our students feel like they are being seen, heard and acknowledged during the class for their efforts and attitude! When a student receives that individual attention and connection from an instructor that they admire, it helps to build their confidence!  


Taking place one day per week during the lunch hour recess, this 18-class program delivers non-contact Martial Arts to children right in their own school gymnasium. The program fee is approximately $50.00 a month (before taxes), including uniform and a graduation ceremony where students will earn their next level Karate belt.



The Karate Kids Program is taught by responsible and professional instructors that make our specialized curriculum a fun way to promote fitness.

Extra Instructor Certification: All our instructors must undergo an extra certification process to teach the specialized Karate Kids curriculum.



Karate Kids members receive one belt to begin and then earn a second, next level belt at the end of the program during graduation. We also provide a team t-shirt for all members to foster social belonging and team work in the class.



Once every 4 weeks, students are tested for 'progress stripes'. The progress stripes are earned through completing Martial Arts movement tests. Extra bonus achievement stickers for the students’ belt are also awarded throughout the program based on the Character Education lessons and team efforts. These stripes are accumulated on the student's Karate belt until they are ready to graduate to the next coloured Karate belt.


The coloured belt testing take place at the end of the program in a graduation ceremony held either at the elementary school or a local Martial Arts Center. Parents and family members are invited to attend so that they may be there to watch what their ‘Karate Kids’ have learned in class and also to be there to acknowledge their child’s effort in earning a new belt level.


As an extra service, a six-page parent information package is emailed to all parents upon registration so they have complete program details and a full layout of what their children will be learning.

We also employ a designated Program Manager for each school to monitor the classes, inform parents about events (such as the graduation) and to notify parents immediately if their child has missed a class. This individual manager is also on hand for customer service calls or emails at all times during the week! This way parents have ONE Karate Kids representative to communicate with who is aware of all details and on goings of their child’s class.