Read what Parents have to say about the Karate Kids Program!

Proud to be celebrating 18 years of service, the Karate Kids program continues to provide an exceptional program to the schools while making a positive impact on participating students.

An email survey was sent out to the parents of participating Karate Kids students throughout 7 different District School Boards. We asked the parents to answer a few simple questions regarding the Karate Kids program. We were overwhelmed with hundreds of wonderful responses! Read below to find out what parents had to say.


Parent Testimonials

The positive reinforcement and praise made our son feel like he “is good at something”. School is a bit of a struggle for our son and he feels defeated during many lessons at school but definitely not at Karate Kids! He has such a wonderful sense of accomplishment and positive role models in all of the instructors there!
— Casey Welch

Absolutely! Adam has had ongoing issues with bullying. I felt that even though he never used his newly acquired skills, he felt confident that he could defend himself. As a result, the increased confidence caused the bullying to decrease. I loved the fact that it wasn’t just about Karate. He came home with respect/courtesy homework, and he was keen to show that he could do it.
— Mrs. Basingers

AWESOME PROGRAM!!! Fabulous Instructors!! Sadly, we are moving to New Brunswick. Perhaps Karate Kids Canada could expand outside Ontario??!
— Mrs. Basingers

Nathaniel attends Dr. Charles Best in Burlington. He is so proud of what he is learning that he is doing a mini demonstration at a talent night for kids in Grades 1 to 5 at our church next week! Your instructors are doing a fantastic job of instilling confidence in at least one 6-year-old!
— Sheryn Ricker

We noticed an increase of respect/courtesy. His role on the leadership team really improved this.
— Shauna Rowe

We noticed an improvement in Cait’s fitness and confidence in leadership.
— Wendy Perry

Yes, my child has become more confidence, values learning new things, is more physically fit and has gained even more appreciation of respect/courtesy.
— Maxwell-Richards

Yes, most definitely. My son loves the program I was concerned that he may not be able to pick it up because he has special needs, but boy was I wrong he is always showing us what he learns and he is pretty good.
— Silvana Cortese

Her confidence level has improved. Her focus as well, this is evident when we see her playing soccer.
— Fauzia Jafri

Absolutely! Her confidence, her respect and courtesy towards us, her teachers, and for the art of Karate. As a young girl we feel it is SO important that she gets to embody herself with so much strength & confidence. Both vocally and through her body. Thank you for giving her that opportunity every week.
— Bonnie Gaztambide

Yes, we would love to see you at the school next year and every year after. We will be registering our daughter again next year if you provide this program again. Our other son is 2 and half and will commence school in a year and we would love to enroll him as well if this program continues. Thank you for allowing us to give our feedback and providing such a wonderful activity at a convenient time at a great cost!!!
— Tammy Roberts

My daughter loved the program. She is very confident about going in new program. She just loved every Wednesday as it was Karate day for her. She could not wait for Wednesday. Yes, I would support this program 100%. I would like to enroll her outside the school too.
— Jagdeep Dhaliwal

Yes, there were a couple of belt ceremonies and a month of free classes offered. The facility is clean, organized, spacious and the staff friendly. It (belt ceremony) was enjoyable and well organized.
— Tracy Skelton

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